◎ About us ◎

AMA TECH was established in 2012. In the early stage, AMA TECH’s main service items focused on R&D and manufacturing of automatic components, namely key mechanical components like ball screw and linear guideway. With the efforts of AMA TECH professional team, nearly 200 multinational inventions and new patents have been published.

In the transformation, R&D and manufacturing of Helicopter Fans ® series of air conditioning system in 2018, the professional R&D team, with its rich design experience, has become a pioneer by combining aerospace mechanism material design and permanent magnet variable-frequency direct-drive motor with super large energy-saving circulation fans created.

With the aim of “The Most Comfortable Air”, we constantly pursue innovation and breakthrough, and provide customers with the best solution of air circulation and body cooling in large space, besides, AIoT intelligent control system is added to truly exhibit a comfortable natural wind field.

“Team Work” is the cornerstone.

“Persistence” is the mind-set of the quality.

“Patents” are unique in the world.

“Energy saving” protects the earth.

“Comfort” the quality of lifestyle.

Helicopter Fans ®“The Most Comfortable Air"

◎ Three Divisions ◎

Energy Saving Division

Helicopter Fans ®, Exhaust Fans, Mobile Fans, Wall Fans, Energy Saving Waterwheels, Energy Saving Motors

◆Health Division

Desktop Air Purifier, Portable Air Purifier, Household Air Purifier

Precision Division

Linear Slideway, Ball Screw, Robot Decelerator Automation Module, Precision Manufacturing and Whole Plant Equipment

◎ Energy Saving Division

Patented DC Brushless Motors installed in Helicopter Fans ®,

Exhaust Fan, Tank Fan and Waterwheels can save the energy up to 50%-70%.

◎ Precision Division

Based on more than 30-year experience on precision parts in R&D and production,

AMA TECH mainly focuses on Linear Slide, Ball Screw, Robot Joint and Precision Manufacturing and Whole Plant Equipment Output.

◎ Health Division ◎

New patented air purifier face mask has been announced in 2020, which will protect you away from viruses, bacteria, and PM2.5 toxic aerosol. Outside air purified by Nano and Silver ion electrostatic filters is sent to your lungs by turbine motor fans. This process will keep viruses, bacteria, and PM2.5 toxic aerosol out of your body and avoid using your lungs as a “filter”.

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