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Use the principle of large air volume & low rotational speed HVLS, extend diameter to 7 meters through fans blade, have five-piece aerospace fluid fans blade design, with rotational speed of 55rpm, achieve 1-3m/s intermittent natural wind.


Core power system is PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) developed by AMA Tech with sensorless control. Motor efficiency is over 90%, through third-party SGS certification, waterproof & dustproof IP57 is achieved, motor noise value is less than 40dB.


With utralight patent design, whole equipment structure is made of aerospace aluminum alloy with weather resistant coating, lifting device is 7 times body load weight through SGS certification, exceeding UL standard. Blade fans locking & fixing way adopts embedded design, it is safest patented crash-resistant design exclusively developed in the industry.


Patented efficient & energy-saving LED module ensures adequate light below when the fans is running, visual perception is more comfortable.


AIoT combines with ambient air quality system EAS information to collect & upload information to the cloud, and controls fans speed through cloud AI calculation feedback.

◎ 節能事業部

皆為專利產品,省電 50 % 到 70 %

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◎ 健康事業部 ◎

健康事業部推出世界專利的透明空氣清淨機口罩,讓空氣中的病毒、細菌、PM 2.5以及粉塵有害物質,透由奈米靜電過濾網以及銀離子靜電過濾網完全過濾後,由渦輪馬達風扇送到透明口罩後送往肺部,讓人類不再用肺部做過濾器,遠離病毒以及PM 2.5的危害。

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