AMA TECH was established in 2012. In the early stage, AMA TECH’s main service items focused on R&D and manufacturing of automatic components, namely key mechanical components like ball screw and linear guideway. With the efforts of AMA TECH professional team, nearly 200 multinational inventions and new patents have been published.

In the transformation, R&D and manufacturing of Helicopter Fans ® series of air conditioning system in 2018, the professional R&D team, with its rich design experience, has become a pioneer by combining aerospace mechanism material design and permanent magnet variable-frequency direct-drive motor with super large energy-saving circulation fans created.



AMA Helicopter HVLS Fans adopts the HVLS operation mode with latest PMSM motor which generate tons of air for the big space but with very few energy . Equipped with the patented one-piece aluminum alloy chassis, it is very light weight in the industry. Free maintenance, silent, waterproof and with LED light, AMA Helicopter HVLS Fan is the best cooling solution for big spaces.

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